If you are seeking growth and empowerment for your audience, you need an elite mindset keynote speaker that has personally done the work and proven the results!

Raymont Harris, aka “Quiet Storm” is a former NFL player turned entrepreneur, keynote speaker, educator and transformational coach. In his keynotes, he shares experiences from his own life, filled with adversity, and highlights his own moments of growth that empowered him to become ELITE.  

With a brilliantly woven approach of engaging stories, hilarious anecdotes and a contagious energy, Raymont expertly shares his story, while also providing the audience with the tools they need to have an elite mindset and belief in themselves.

Top Featured Topics:

Control the Controllables

Empowered Leadership
Overcoming Challenges

Elite Mindset

Life Transitions


Team Building

Mental Health

Top 5 Reasons to book Raymont:

Customized for your audience

Authentic and empowering

Valuable takeaways
Dynamic and engaging

Contagious high energy

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