Raymont Harris, also known as the “Quiet Storm,” is a renowned former NFL player who has transitioned into a successful entrepreneur, keynote speaker, educator, and transformational coach. His impactful keynotes draw from personal experiences filled with adversity, emphasizing pivotal moments of growth that propelled him to achieve an elite level of success. 

Raymont captivates audiences with his skillful storytelling, incorporating engaging narratives, humorous anecdotes, and an infectious energy. Through his presentations, he not only shares his inspiring journey but also equips the audience with the essential tools to cultivate an elite mindset and foster self-belief.

Discover the transformative power of Raymont Harris’ keynotes as he empowers individuals to unlock  their full potential and embrace an elite mindset.

Top Featured Topics:

Control the Controllables

Elite Mindset


Empowered Leadership
Life Transitions

Team Building

Overcoming Challenges

Mental Health

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Siobhan St. John

Coach. Author. Survivor.
Topics: Trauma & Triumph

Tracie Cleveland Thomas

Tech Exec. Entrepreneur. Financial Expert.
Topics: Women in Tech

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