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About EMP

Elite Mindset & Performance is a way of living. We all deserve to live the fullest version of ourselves. Where do we start? With our mindset. There are things that happen in our lives that we can’t control. And, there are things we can control. When we recognize our power – our agency – we are able to leverage our ability to control the controllables and amplify our ability to adapt. This mindset shift is as close to a superpower as you’ll get. While you have breath in your body – YOU have the power to live a life that aligns with your purpose. So, roll up your sleeves. It’s YOUR time. Be EMPowered. Be elite.

About Raymont

Raymont Harris is a versatile professional specializing in Elite Mindset & Performance training. As an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Coach, and Consultant, Raymont brings extensive expertise and experience to his clients.

Raised in the steel city of Lorain, OH, Raymont has overcome significant challenges from a young age, shaping him into the resilient individual he is today. Growing up with his older siblings under the guidance of his widowed father, he learned the importance of “Controlling the Controllables” to pursue his dreams.

Raymont’s impact extends beyond his personal journey as an NFL player from THE Ohio State University. He has mentored and positively influenced individuals in athletics, member organizations, and corporate America. For the past 15 years, he has closely collaborated with coaches, staff, student athletes, and professionals within THE Ohio State University’s esteemed athletic department. In addition to raising millions of dollars in philanthropic support for his alma mater, he has provided invaluable guidance to C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs on growth, leadership, and effective communication.

Raymont’s empowerment approach focuses on motivation, leadership, positivity, and resilience. Through empathy, vulnerability, and fostering individual voices, he empowers athletes, executives, and organizations to excel and achieve elite levels of performance.

The EMP Method helps people realize their possibilities.

Once a person believes that they have limitless possibilities, EMP will provide the tools and resources needed to get it done.

Warning: EMP is NOT a get you pumped up for the moment type of deal. This is a program beyond just motivating and feeling good temporarily…It’s a tested model, individually tailored and built to have sustained results.

Explore: Thorough evaluation of both the client and leadership

Master: Substantive work for the client based on the assessments and leadership’s goals

Perform: Expect noticeable results and improvement for the client

Outcomes of the EMP Method:


Consideration of diverse thoughts and perspectives, which will make participants better teammates and, improve the work environment.


Set of achievements, skills, understandings, and personal attributes, that makes graduates more likely to be successful in their chosen occupation.


Confidence in self, decision making, and leadership within the work workforce.

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.”