the emp method

you can’t spell empower without EMP


The EMP Speaking method is a program designed to help individuals and audiences abroad understand how they can achieve an elite level of success. Through an interactive and dynamic keynote address the audience will leave equipped with the essential tools to cultivate an elite mindset and foster self-belief. 


The EMP coaching method is a program designed to help athletes and top performers realize their possibilities. Clients will walk away with a set of resources, skills, and the mindset needed to achieve their full potential and beyond.


EMP consulting is a program designed to help organizations engage and motivate their people. When working with EMP, organizations will experience improved workplace culture, increased productivity, and better retention.

Who is Raymont?

Raymont Harris is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Coach and Consultant that specializes in Elite Mindset & Performance Training.

Raymont Harris is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Educator, Coach and Consultant that specializes in Elite Mindset & Performance Training.  But more than that, he is a father, friend, teammate and brother to those around him.

Born in the small steel town of Lorain, Ohio, located just outside of Cleveland, Raymont was raised alongside his older brother and sister by his widowed father. From the very beginning of his life, Raymont faced extreme challenges and hardships that have greatly shaped the man he is today.

EMPowerment Tips

Relationships are essential to resilience because positive peer support has been proven to support mental health & wellness. What does your peer support network look like? How can you create, cultivate, or sustain these relationships.

Real talk. Change means coming face to face with your past and present. This can be challenging – but remember – you are not alone.
Positivity has been shown to have a significant impact on our mental and physical well-being. It can improve our mood, boost self-esteem, increase resilience, and enhance our relationships with others.